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The channel will feature positive shows and content. The mission of the channel will be to “do good and be good” and encourage viewers to do the same.

The shows will sometimes be inspirational, sometimes fun, and sometimes funny, and I will try to shine light on people and things that are making a positive contribution locally, nationally, and globally. We’ll be dusting off some old books for advice and look to the past for things done right and to learn from things done wrong.

Much of the content will be very light. Some will be heavier. All will be respectful to all, and I will do my best to stay positive.

All of these ideas take time. So my startup may be slower than I’d like. Have patience with me as we get this project going. I appreciate your support and prayers. It will be baby steps with shorter, simple videos at first. But dream big with me. There’s no reason that someday this idea could really make some quality productions and do some good.

– Lionel