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I have a vision that together, we save the world. We all choose to be heroes. We all choose to be role models. We help nurture our entire family on both micro and marcro levels. I’m more than happy to try every day, if you give me that honor.

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In a couple of hours I will post my mailing address in Tampa. Please send all correspondance to that mailbox. I want to see your living ideas on paper or on thumbdrives, if electronic. You may be young enough to have never written a paper letter. I will be honored to be your first. I will respond to each letter I receive. Let me know how to contact you in the letter.

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You can go to my patreon account to give me money directly to help pay for my personal expenses. You can also opt, for any portion of your donation to go to up to 100%. Just specify how much to go to me or’s money will be seperate for my own. Once I hire an accountantt I will figure out how to make everything transparent so that there is no confusion.

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I am Lionel Lowry, a good, creative guy in Tampa, creating change for GOOD and stirring up my brothers and sisters to do GOOD works too.

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The Countdown is Over

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Saving the World is Easy if WE try

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Minimized simplicity

A Free Energy System for GOOD

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